Our History, Professional Background , Mission, Vision and Values

Centro Diagnóstico Calderón was founded more than 60 years ago in Castellón (Spain), quickly positioning itself as one of the most specialized Laboratories in the region, thanks to being pioneers in the development and implementation of digestive diagnostic tests. The origin of Centro Diagnóstico Calderón dates back more than 60 years ago in Castellón (Spain), where it positioned itself as one of the most specialised Laboratories in the region thanks to being pioneers in the development and implementation of digestive diagnostic tests. Year after year diagnostic tests have been added to our services in order to provide the widest and most complete service possible to intermediary clients and final patients.


“improving people’s health, actively collaborating with the medical staff of hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories and health centres in the correct diagnosis of the patient’s pathologies ”


“to be the largest international collaborator with health centres, in the diagnosis of digestive and hypersensitivity tests”

Centro Diagnóstico Calderón is governed by its core values, which are reflected not only in the day-to-day activities but also in all services it provides or actively develops. The core values are the following


the result of its effort to seek excellence in its practices, as well as its long experience. The centre’s more than 60 years of experience guarantee its degree of knowledge, both theoretical and practical.


The centre has more than 3,000 clinical analysis protocols, although it seeks to go further and specialise to the highest level in the digestive and hypersen, sitivity area.


of the tests, seeking to work with tests that represent an objective utility for subsequent diagnosis.


search for new tests and techniques that complement the current ones. Continuous development of protocols and procedures.

High technology

Application of high technology


The quality of work of the Laboratory employees is even more important than the tools used.

Customer satisfaction

as the ultimate goal. For this reason, Centro Diagnóstico Calderón strives to always show an attitude of transparency and empathy towards its concerns.

Active listening

Centro Diagnóstico Calderón remains open to new proposals for the development of analytical tests, based on new pathologies detected in patients, or suggestions from its collaborators.



Our professional team, highly qualified in the field of clinical analysis, is our most important asset.

For 60 years, Centro Diagnóstico Calderón has had a high-level professional team in the field of clinical analyses, with extensive specialization in the areas of: molecular biology, genetics, biochemistry, immunology, innovation and development. Calderón professional team is involved every day in offering the highest quality in all its analytical procedures, thus providing the most reliable and precise diagnoses, that will guarantee the satisfaction of all its partners, and their respective patients.

Dr. Jesús Calderón

General Management and Global Supervision

Vanesa Señoret

Molecular Biology – Area Management

Teresa Enrique

Molecular Biology – Area Management

Isabel Calderón

Cytogenetics – Area Management

Enrique M. Cabrera

Clinical Analysis – Area Management

Mª Amparo Poles

Technician in laboratory sciences

Cristina Chiva

Technician in laboratory sciences

Mónica Arrizabalaga

I&D – Area Management

Amparo Contreras

Extraction & Sampling - Area Management

Gloria Morcillo

Logistics - Area Management

Alin M. Gherorghe

Digital Area Management

Patricia Sánchez

International Management

Margarita Guzmán

National Sales Management