Who do we work for?


Centro Diagnóstico Calderón works with hospitals, clinical laboratories, specialised medical centres and pharmacies with laboratories or with analytical testing service for its clients.


In this way, Centro Diagnóstico Caldrón analyses the samples of the patients of each of these health centres, subsequently sending the results, so that the centre itself distributes them to their respective patients.


In this way, we collaborate to expand the portfolio of services and tests available to health centres, so that they can offer a greater variety of tests to their patients and offer them added value.

The services of Centro Diagnóstico Calderón are experiencing an increase in demand from hospitals and laboratories that already perform the usual analytical tests on their portfolio of services, but want to specialise in areas also in high demand but more specific, such as the area of digestive or hypersensitivity tests, which concern most patients.


Our collaboration is also useful for those centres with a large volume of samples, thus helping to streamline their analytical processes.


Centro Diagnóstico Calderón adapts to the client preferences, offering the possibility of working under a white label, adapting to the logistical and geographical needs of each of the partner centres.

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