Our diagnostic test

Learn about the specific diagnostic tests we offer internationally


Centro Diagnóstico Calderón has multiple tests in the fields of: biochemistry, cytogenetics, molecular biology and immunology, however, the laboratory is specialised in tests for detecting digestive diseases and hypersensitivity, their star services from more than 30 years.

The Calderón Diagnostic Center therefore presents, at an international level, 4 lines of analysis.

Bacterial overgrowth and food intolerances

Viruses, bacteria and intestinal parasites

Food Hypersensitivity

Type IV hypersensitivity to metals

These tests are used for:


  • Evaluation of the Intestinal Ecosystem and detection of intestinal pathogens
  • Detection of Adverse Reactions to Foods
  • Detection of Intolerances and Bacterial Overgrowths
  • Detection of hypersensitivities that can produce chronic fatigue and inflammation, autism and ADHD


These are the tests with which Centro Diagnóstico Calderón works internationally, because their samples are very stable for transport.